REGISTRATION FORM  ::  Two Years FREE JEE Coaching Programme for session 2017-19


(a).  To promote education culture and arts of all kinds necessary training to the students/children and youths.

(b).  To provide education and awarded certification courses in how to do water management, sustainable development, wastewater management , provide education in environmental engineering , encourage researcher to do study in Save earth, how to stop global warming, recycling of the waste management for pollution free society.

(c).  To work for the promotion of education & to establish educational institution for students/children and youths in backward areas.

(d).  To establish and maintain of vocational, professional training institution for the handicapped students with the consent of concerned authorities.

(e).  To impart free culture and sports training, to the poor, helpless, handicapped and needy children/people.

(f).  To provide scholarship and other incentives to desirous students/persons.

(g).  To organize computer education program spread all over India.

(h).  To undertake, aid, promote, guide and coordinate research and study on free And open source software (FOSS).

(i).  Creating awareness among general people about FOSS and educating them About the advantages of FOSS in comparison to proprietary software’s.

(j).  providing computer training to students / people on FOSS via Linux, e.t.c. and implementation of FOSS to educational institutes, offices etc.

(k).  To assist in the computer training program and promote backward section of the society.

(l).  To help and assist poor and needy residents and their families during emmer gencies such as flood, war, earth-quack and rains.

(m).  To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as Dowry System, Child Marriage (Bal Vivah), Child Labour, Wastage of money in the various functions and use of intoxicated drugs/wine/smack etc. as per govt. rules.

(n).  To arrange and organize various kinds of Welfare programs e.g. Vocational Education, entertainment, games etc. for children, working men & women.

(o).  To promote awareness programmed viz. Health, Family Welfare and Nutrition with Education and Awareness, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention through education, awareness and rehabilitation.

(p).  Education and Awareness about AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, TB and other diseases and pursue research in the area of medicine and general health.


 The primary mission charted out by the foundation is as follows:

(a).  To monetarily assist the poor.

(b).  To provide moral support to them and their families.

(c).  To conduct awareness campaigns.


UDGAM WELFARE FOUNDATION believes that Sometimes issues like poverty can seem too big and overwhelming, maybe even impossible to fix. But as we know, "Our problems are man-made; therefore they may be solved by man" & we are trying to be that man in the life of that those whose life eagerly needed our help and we believe YOU are an integral part of this movement, as your support to us will surely go to help the needy ones.